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  • new page Kage
    created by AzureKitsune25
    New page: Add Video Kage is a ninja of the Iga clan. His master believed that he is the key to unite both Iga and Nura clans. He is also loyal to Rikuo...
    Added photo:

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  • new page Category:Pages with broken file links
    created by A FANDOM user
    New page:
    Summary: Hide 'Pages with broken file links' category, see []
    Added category: Hidden categories
  • categorization Shuheki: Jikotōsui
    edited by Ash9876 diff
    Added categories: Techniques, Hatsu Techniques, Hatsu, Osore
  • new page Shuheki: Jikotōsui
    created by Ash9876
    New page: This article is property of Mewtwo. Please do not edit this article without my permission. If you wish to use or change this article in any...
    Added category: Ash9876
  • edit Māya
    edited by Ash9876 diff
    Edited the section: Appearance
  • new page Hyakki Yakō
    created by Razeluxe91
    New page: File:Hyakki Yakō.PNG Hyakki Yakō (百鬼夜行; lit. "Night Parade of One Hundred Demons") is a term used for the gathering of yōkai beneath a leader's...
    Added photo:
  • new page Yōkai
    created by Razeluxe91
    New page: Yōkai(妖怪, Yōkai, lit meaning=Ghost, Phantom, Strange apparition) is a term used for wide variety of supernatural creatures from Japanese folklore....
    Added photo:
  • categorization Osore
    edited by Razeluxe91 diff
    Added category: Osore
  • edit Osore
    edited by Razeluxe91 diff
  • new page Osore
    created by Razeluxe91
    New page: File:Osore.PNG Template:Translation is the term that denotes the unique skills and traits of each yōkai. It refers to the "fear" of the unknown, an...
    Added photo:

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